What to Read After Captain Marvel

Did you finish watching Captain Marvel and want more? Check out these comics that feature the characters and storylines that inspired the movie. 

The movie was mostly based on this run of Carol Danvers. Start reading here with volume one.

Captain Marvel. 2, Stay fly by Kelly Sue DeConnick

If you want to see more of Goose, Captain Marvel's "cat", be sure to read this volume of Captain Marvel. 

The Avengers, Kree/Skrull war by 1940- Roy Thomas

Looking for more Kree vs. Skrull action? Check out The Avengers, Kree-Krull War.

Civil war II by Brian Michael Bendis

If you want to see how Carol Danvers works with other Avengers check out this comic.

Secret invasion by Brian Michael Bendis

Want more stories about the Skrulls and their shape shifting abilities? Check out Secret Invasion where the Skrulls infiltrate the Avengers!