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Thorndyke Thoughts: Princess Scientists

Snowflake Crown-wearing Thorndyke with Scaredy Squirrel

Hey Kids,

As a devoted library bear I really enjoy learning about your interests. Sometimes they are straightforward, like cars. Or bears. Or mysteries. But other times you just want to read about both princesses and scientists. At the same time. This can be a tall order, but here are a few recommendations that might fit the bill. 

Bear hugs,

Thorndyke, the Snowflake Princess

A girl on a flying horse must be a princess, right? She also happens to be a real-life computer programmer from the nineteenth century.

Marie Curie by Isabel Thomas

Princess pink cover? Check. Science? Double check.

Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood

A princess mechanic with a mind for gadgets? Here she is.

Lillian gave up her princess-like lifestyle to start a family, and ended up becoming an efficiency expert.

That looks like a princess getup if I ever saw one. And inside there are just so many inventions.

Mae among the stars by Roda Ahmed

Princesses and stars go hand in hand. And Mae does it all: science, dance, education.

Renaissance means princess, right? Inventions and pretty clothes.

Hedy Lamarr : reimagining radio by 1989- Megan Borgert-Spaniol

One of Hollywood's princesses, Hedy was also wicked smart.

Long dress, butterflies, and amazing medieval science!

The princess in black by Shannon Hale

The latest installment offers some science fair hi-jinks in addition to the always-present princess fun.

Three princesses of science appear in this slightly fictionalized chapter book.

Three princesses of animal science feature in this graphic novel.

The truly brave princesses by Dolores (Children's ) Brown

A look at some outside-the-box princesses.