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Suggested Realistic Fiction for First Grade


Sometimes we just want to read about what's familiar or what's possible. Here are some suggestions for books that feature a high level of realism. You won't find many dragons or wizards or outer space adventures here, but you will find stories about things that really could happen. Books are suggested for First Grade, but since every Reader is different, you might find something interesting at another level. For more suggestions, you can always ask a librarian.

And two boys booed by Judith Viorst

On the day of the talent show, a boy is ready to sing his song, and he isn't one bit scared because he has practiced a billion times, plus he's wearing his lucky blue boots and his pants with all ten pockets. But as all of the other kids perform before him, he gets more and more nervous. 

Barkus by Patricia MacLachlan
Also available in: e-book

Barkus is a large and very smart dog who comes to live with seven-year-old Nicky when Nicky's Uncle Everton goes traveling--and soon he is a family and school favorite.

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The big something by Patricia Reilly Giff

When Jilli and Jim see a big red structure being built next door, they imagine all kinds of frightening things before finding out the truth.

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Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

Dory, the youngest in her family, is a girl with a very active imagination, and she spends the summer playing with her imaginary friend, pretending to be a dog, battling monsters, and generally driving her family nuts. 

To read more about Dory, look in JFICTION HANLON.

Fall in line, Holden by Daniel W. Vandever

At a very strict school in Indigenous Nation, everyone but Holden stays in line until they reach the door at the end of the school day.

Henry and Mudge by Cynthia Rylant

Henry, feeling lonely on a street without any other children, finds companionship and love in a big dog named Mudge.

More about Henry and Mudge can be found in J READER RYL.

Mine's the best by Crosby Newell Bonsall

Two little boys meet at the beach, each sure that his balloon is better.

My family adventure by Jacqueline Jules

Sofia, the youngest daughter in a family full of girls, wants to stand out and be noticed, and finds a way to express her individuality through her school portrait.

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Pedro's big goal by Fran Manushkin

Pedro would love to be the goalie in the team's first game, but another boy is bigger--so all his friends come over to help him practice before the tryout.

Find more Pedro in J READER MAN.

Six stories chronicle a young boy's life at home, including planting a garden, losing a tooth, making his father's special pudding, and more.

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