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Suggested Mystery Books for Fifth Grade


Put on your detective cap and get sleuthing with one of these mystery stories.  Books are suggested for Fifth Grade, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level.

The case of the empty crates by Steven Brezenoff

A local politician and millionaire is donating the money for a new wing for the Capitol City Air and Space Museum, which will exhibit some of the earliest devices for astronomical observation; but Amal Farah, daughter of one of the Museum's scientists, discovers that the crates supposedly containing the telescopes are empty, and she and her friends set out to investigate.

Amateur ghost expert Eliza, thirteen, joins her botanist mother on a job in a very old flower shop, where each investigates some highly unusual things.

When popular Henry Harrison asks twelve-year-old Elizabeth to help dispel a ghost that speaks her name, she calls on her estranged father and learns he is an attorney for the damned.

Eleven-year-old Pearl Moran cannot imagine life without the historic but under-utilized branch of the New York Public Library where she was born (in the Memorial Room) and where her single mother works as the circulation librarian; the other librarians, the neighborhood people, the raccoons, and most of the 41,000 plus books all form the structure and essence of her life--but when someone cuts off the head of the library's statue of Edna St. Vincent Millay she realizes that the library is under attack, and it is up to her to save it.

Julieta and the diamond enigma by Luisana Duarte Armendáriz

When a diamond goes missing from the Louvre, it is up to nine-year-old Julieta to identify the thief, exonerate her father, and return home to Boston before her baby brother is born. Includes glossary of French and Spanish words and notes about the Regent Diamond, Athena, and works of art mentioned in the book.

Nevers by Sara Cassidy

Fleeing yet another calamity caused by her mother Anneline, Odette finds herself in a town called Nevers, where she makes a friend in the relaxed Nicois and uncovers a mystery that may lead to a sense of belonging.

Spy runner by illustrator Eugene Yelchin

After Mr. Shubin, a Russian boarder, moves into his home, Jake McCauley becomes suspicious when Mr. Shubin says that he knew Jake's father, who disappeared in World War II, and Jake is determined to discover the truth about the man.