Suggested Fantasy and Science-Fiction for Second Grade


Explore this selection of great sci-fi and fantasy reads. Books are suggested for Second Grade, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level.

The Green Lantern Bug Corps spring into action to defend a baseball game and the planet from an invasion of the evil Sinestro Bug Corps.

Cosmo and the robot by J. Brian Pinkney

Cosmo, a boy living on Mars, must come up with a quick solution when his malfunctioning robot Rex threatens his sister Jewel.

Danny Dragonbreath is excited about going to camp with his best friend Wendell and classmate Christiana even though his obnoxious, seven-year-old cousin Spencer is going too, but things change when Spencer finds a real jackalope.  Follow Danny's other adventures in the rest of the Dragonbreath series.

When their spaceship crash lands on Earth, Ploo is captured by the Army and taken to the mysterious Area 51. While her brothers, Lek and Klatu, try to rescue her, Ploo uses her ESP to make a new friend.

A new hope by Emma Grange

Retells the story of the iconic science fiction film through LEGO figurines as they attempt to save Princess Leia from the clutches of the Empire.

Quest by Aaron Becker

Two children are swept up in an imaginative quest to save the king and his realm from dark forces when the king emerges from a magical door at the park and presses a map and strange objects into their hands before being captured and disappearing.

When two Smurfs stumble upon a magic egg that makes all their wishes come true, the Smurfs are soon wishing for all sorts of zany things, compelling Papa Smurf to take control of the magic egg before chaos overtakes Smurf Village.

Space Station Mars by Daniel San Souci

The Dangerous Snake and Reptile club, with the help of a boy visiting the neighborhood, sets up equipment in the clubhouse in hopes of tracking flying saucers and making contact with aliens.

Three friends discover that a team of robots called Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, live on Earth and fight the evil Decepticons.

A boy and his pet dragon go for an adventure in the woods. They learn about trees, animals, and fun activities that can take place along the way.