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Share a Story: Yeti Storytime


Did you miss our Yeti Storytime this week? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions so you can create your own chilly storytime at home, complete with songs and stories.

Don't need a full storytime? Borrow a rhyme when you need a short distraction, or check out these materials and spend a few minutes reading together.

From Storytime

Henry and the yeti by Russell Ayto

Young Henry persuades his school principal and his father to let him go on an expedition to find a yeti, provided he brings back proof and does not stay up too late.



Rawr rawr went the abominable snowman one day, rawr rawr went the abominable snowman

Rawr rawr went the abominable snowman one day, and they all went rawr rawr rawr. But…

We know abominables go [clap] la de la de la [wavey arms]

[clap] la de la de la [wavey arms], [clap] la de la de la [wavey arms]

We know abominables go [clap] la de la de la [wavey arms], they don’t go rawr rawr rawr.


Shake shake went the snowy yeti one day, shake shake went the snowy yeti.

Shake shake went the snowy yeti one day, and they all went shake shake shake. But…

We know yetis go [clap] rub a dub a dub [running arms]

[clap] rub a dub a dub [running arms], [clap] rub a dub a dub [running arms]

We know yetis go [clap] rub a dub a dub [running arms], they don’t go shake shake shake.


Yetis love snow and all things winter, but sometimes they need a dose of summer as well.



Five little yetis playing in the snow

One got hit by a snowball and started to roll…

She rolled down the hill and landed like spaghetti

Now out in the snow are how many yetis?



I Want to be a Snowman (Caspar Babypants)

Frozen Penguin (Caspar Babypants)

After Storytime:

Talk about the weather today, and the changes that are coming with winter.


More Songs and Stories to Enjoy

Follow a developing friendship between a sasquatch and a lumberjack, from their first meeting through a year of apple picking, skiing, hiking, and swimming.

Yeti and the bird by Nadia Shireen

Even hairy, scary monsters need friends! This heartwarming tale of unlikely playmates features bright artwork and a sweet message.

Ben has so often tried to convince people he has seen Bigfoot that when a real yeti arrives and borrows his bicycle, no one comes to see if Ben is telling the truth.

Are we there, Yeti? by Ashlyn Anstee

When Yeti, the school bus driver, takes the class on a surprise trip, everyone wants to know...are we there, Yeti?

Dear Yeti by James Kwan

Told through a series of notes, two boys go on a hike hoping to find Yeti but run into trouble along the way.

Elwood Bigfoot is big, loud, and lonely but loves the little birds that live near his house, but whenever he tries to befriend them they fly away.

It is bedtime, but scary shadows on the wall are keeping Yeti awake.

Señor Sasquatch wants to relax beside Mr. Blobule's pool without getting wet, but he is thoroughly splashed by the other guests, who then pitch in to dry his "squizzilefied" fur.

Larf by Ashley Spires

Larf, who has always believed he was the only sasquatch in the world, is thrilled to hear that another sasquatch is scheduled to make an appearance in the nearby city of Hunderfitz, and Larf dresses up as a city slicker before leaving for Hunderfitz.