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Share a Story: Puffin Storytime


Did you miss our Puffin Storytime this week? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions so you can create your own storytime at home, complete with songs and stories.

Don't need a full storytime? Borrow a rhyme when you need a short distraction, or check out these materials and spend a few minutes reading together.

From Storytime

My feet are webbed and orange by Joyce L Markovics

Each page contains a clue and a partial photograph made to look like a puzzle with pieces missing. As new photos are shown and more clues are given, readers try to guess what animal the book is about; the big reveal (spoiler alert): a puffin. 



Five grumpy puffins, cranky and bored; one waddled off, and then there were four.

Four grumpy puffins, whiny as can be; one waddled off, and then there were three.

Three grumpy puffins, glaring at you; one waddled off, and then there were two.

Two grumpy puffins, pouting in the sun; one waddled off, and then there was one.

One grumpy puffin, definitely not cheerful; she waddled off, and then there were zero.


Puffin Peter by Petr Horáček

When his best friend is lost in a terrible storm, an intrepid young puffin teams up with a big blue whale to mount a rescue mission and discovers that while many other birds match his friend's description, none are quite the same.



Two little puffins, sitting on a hill.

One named Jack and one named Jill.

Fly away Jack. Fly away Jill.

Come back Jack. Come back Jill.



Puffins, puffins, turn around.
Puffins, puffins, bounce up and down!
Puffins, puffins, tip-toe toward me.
Puffins, puffins, fly so free!
Puffins, puffins, peep, peep, peep.**
Puffins, puffins, sleep, sleep, sleep.
Puffins, puffins, fly through the breeze!
Puffins, puffins, sit down, please.

**Actual sound of a puffin is not a peep - it sounds more like a chainsaw or squeaky hinges. Take a listen at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.



Fast and Slow (Laurie Berkner, The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band)

Bird in an Airplane Suit (Caspar Babypants, Rise and Shine)

Birds of a Feather (Dogs on Fleas, Beautiful World)



Puffins may not live near us, but listen and look for other birds today. Our storytime attendees saw a bird through the window during storytime!


More Songs and Stories to Enjoy

Nothing like a puffin by Sue Soltis

A narrator sets out to prove that there is nothing like a puffin but discovers that many things, including a newspaper and a helicopter, are a little bit like one and that a penguin is very much like a puffin.

Turtle Tug to the rescue by Michael H. Slack

From panicking puffins to entangled sperm whales, Turtle Tug is out to rescue all his sea-dwelling friends.



Five little puffins, flying over my door; one flew away and then there were four.
Four little puffins singing in my tree; one flew away and then there were three.
Three little puffins looking at you; one flew away and then there were two.
Two little puffins diving in the sun; one flew away and then there was one.
One little puffin catching fish like a hero; she flew away and now there are zero!


The Steves by Morag Hood

When two puffins named Steve meet, they begin arguing about who is first, greatest, wisest, and the Steve-est until they realize they have gone too far.

Little Puffin's first flight by Jonathan London

Follows a family of puffins from the time the parents greet one another off the coast of Alaska and prepare to raise a family, through the care of their fragile egg and ravenous chick, to Little Puffin's first flight across and into the sea. 

Don't copy me! by 1957- Jonathan Allen

Little Puffin is distressed when some cheeky gull chicks begin to follow him around and copy his every move, but the more he protests, the more gulls join the game.