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Share a Story: Playground Storytime


Did you miss our Playground Storytime this week? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions so you can create your own playful storytime at home, complete with songs and stories.

Don't need a full storytime? Borrow a rhyme when you need a short distraction, or check out these materials and spend a few minutes reading together.

From Storytime

Phoebe and Digger by Tricia Springstubb

Phoebe enjoys playing with her new digger while her mother is busy with the new baby, until a bigger girl grabs the toy at the park.



Five little bicycles parked on the road.

One got bumped and it started to… ROLL.

It bounced on the curb and landed on its side.

How many bicycles are left to ride?

[Repeat, counting down until all the bicycles are gone.]

Playground day! by Jennifer J Merz

Children play on the playground, imitating animals from bunnies and squirrels to elephants and penguins.

More Songs and Stories

Meeting most mornings to play together in the playground sandbox, Jack and Alex engage in a typical playground squabble when they want to play with different toys.



One little kite in the sky so blue,

Along came another, then there were two.

Two little kites flying high above me,

Along came another, then there were three.

Three little kits, just watch them soar,

Along came another, then there were four.

Four little kites, so high and alive,

Along came another, then there were five.

Five little kits dancing across the sky,

What a sight to see, way up so high!

Credit: Step By Step — Kite Theme

Bigger than you by Hyewon Kyung

Young dinosaurs alternate on a seesaw as they advance in size and competitiveness until the point that Tyrannosaurus ruins their fun and his mother intervenes to ensure they all play together happily.



The noble Duke of York, he had ten thousand men

He marched them up to the top of the hill, and marched them down again.

And when you’re up, you’re up. And when you’re down, you’re down.

And when you’re only halfway up, you’re neither up nor down.

Credit: Storytime Katie 

Salad pie by Wendy BooydeGraaff

Excited to have the playground to herself in order to make "salad pie," Maggie is disappointed when she discovers that Herbert is there as well and doesn't let him play with her, but she soon sees that he has a great imagination as well.

Playground by illustrator Mies van Hout

Two friends decide to go to the playground and take an extraordinary journey to get there. Perhaps you'd care to join them?


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