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Share a Story Giraffe Storytime

What has a long, long, long neck, four legs, and spots? If you guessed Giraffe, then you also guessed the theme of today's Family Storytime! If you missed us this week, no worries. Here are some great books and songs you can enjoy for your own Giraffe theme at home.

Stories and Songs from Storytime

Songs We Sang:

Hokey Pokey


Itsy Bitsy Spider

Wheels on the Bus

Books We Read:


I am not a chair! by illustrator Ross Burach
Giraffe meets Bird by 1980- Rebecca Bender

More Stories to Enjoy!

Geraldine by Elizabeth Lilly
Giraffe and bird together again by 1980- Rebecca Bender
Giraffe problems by Jory John
Neck & neck by illustrator Elise Parsley
Teach your giraffe to ski by Viviane Elbee
Baby giraffes by K. C Kelley
Giraffes by Laura F Marsh
Giraffes stretch by Rebecca Stromstad Glaser