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Share a Story: Foxes Storytime


In case you missed our Foxes storytime this week, don't worry. Here are some of the fun stories and songs we shared, plus some extras to do your own foxy storytime at home.

From Storytime

My ears are huge and fuzzy by Jessica Rudolph

In this book, young readers will learn all the different traits of a particular animal, and then get to guess what it is.



          Five little foxes all lined up in a row

          Five little foxes, so clever don’t you know?

          Suddenly one fox runs into the trees.

          Now how many foxes do you see? (Count down to zero)

Outfoxed by Mike Twohy

Fox breaks into a henhouse to steal a chicken for dinner but grabs Duck, instead--a clever fowl that pretends to be a dog.

A surprising lesson about the importance of listening to one's inner gosling ensues when a very hungry fox issues a dinner invitation to a very plump goose.


FOX HAS GOT A LONG RED TAIL (From Storytime Sparks)

          Fox has got a long red tail, long red tail, long red tail.

          Fox has got a long red tail, Shake that tail now!

          Other verses:

          Fox has got a pointy nose... wiggle that nose

          Fox has got two front paws… clap those paws

          Fox has got pointy ears… twitch those ears

          Fox has got big bright eyes… blink those eyes

          Fox has got long sharp teeth… bite those teeth

The noisy foxes by Amy Husband

A very noisy family of three foxes decides to move from the noisy city to the countryside to try being quiet, and have a hard time trying to find a home that suits them.

Little Fox tells her mother all the frightening things she will see and do when she travels to the end of the world.

FOXY FOXY (From Sunflower Storytime)

          Foxy, foxy, turn around. Foxy, foxy, touch the ground.
          Foxy, foxy, dance on your toes. Foxy, foxy, touch your nose.

          Foxy, foxy, jump up now. Foxy, foxy, take a bow.
          Foxy, foxy, oh no, don’t sneeze! (ah-choo) Foxy, foxy, sit down please.

How to find a fox by Nilah Magruder

Equipped with a camera and determination, an adventurous little girl tries to track down an elusive red fox, which proves more difficult than she thought.

More Songs and Stories

Fox and the jumping contest by Corey R. Tabor

As he and his animal friends prepare to compete in a jumping contest, Fox, who is a less-than-ideal jumper, schemes to win.

My little fox by Rick Chrustowski

A little fox explores the forest during his very first year.

Also available in: e-book

Follow this photographic journal of a red fox as he explores the world around him during the first few months of his life.

Bogo the fox keeps on creating new inventions intended to give him the abilities that each different kind of forest animal has naturally, even though they all fail spectacularly, but when the forest is invaded by wolves he finds a solution.

The sky is falling! by Mark Teague

In this humorous version of the traditional tale, Chicken Little panics when an acorn falls on her head and sets off a dance frenzy among the other chickens, and while squirrel and the other animals understand what really happened, they soon join in the dancing-- because it is fun.

Little Chicken & Little Fox by Brigitte Hanhart

Despite warnings from her friends, Little Chicken befriends Little Fox on a snowy evening and tries to help him find his way home.

Ooko by Esmé Shapiro

Desperate for a Debbie of his own, Ooko the fox sets out to become like all the other foxes so he can find a Debbie of his own.

Outfoxing the fox by Friederike Rave

Once there was a little fox who thought he was too smart for school. After all, he thought, foxes are clever already. A fox like himself could certainly outwit a chicken...or could he?