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Share a Story: Alphabet Storytime


Did you miss our Alphabet Storytime this week? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions to inspire a "letter"-ary storytime you can do at home. Don't forget that the beginning of our J Picture Book section is dedicated to books about the alphabet.


From Storytime

Alphabet under construction by Denise Fleming

A busy mouse works his way through the alphabet as he folds the "F," measures the "M," and rolls the "R."


B-I-N-G-O (Sung here by jbrary)

     There was a farmer, had a dog, and Bingo was his name-o

     B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O

     And Bingo was his name-o.

     (repeat the verse, each time dropping a letter and adding a clap)


When a bouncing ball wakes a sleeping mouse, it's just the beginning of an action packed adventure.



Try singing the alphabet to other common nursery rhymes. We tried "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "London Bridge is Falling Down." You can listen to them sung by Jbrary, or use a handy cheat sheet. See how many you can sing!

As Sesame Street celebrates its 40th anniversary, three classic albums from the show's early days make their debut on CD in this special collection. We bounced the parachute to Big Bird's "ABD-DEF-GHI" song, in which he sings the alphabet as a single word!

More Songs and Stories

An album full of fun alphabet songs.

Presents a rhyming alphabet rhyme books that relates the story of what happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb a coconut tree.

123 versus ABC by Mike Boldt

Numbers think they're the stars of this book, but Letters disagree!

Alligators all around by Maurice Sendak

A family of alligators presents the alphabet in a series of descriptive pictures.

Alphaboat by Michael Chesworth

Rhyming text full of puns tells the story of the letters of the alphabet sailing off to look for a buried treasure.

ABC zooborns! by Andrew Bleiman

An alphabet book of zoo babies, from anteater through otter and yak, and on to zoo babies, with animal photos, simple text, and glossary.