Savvy Seniors: November 2017

Reduce the chance of a fall at home with these tips:

  • Clean up clutter.
  • Remove throw rugs.
  • Use chairs with arms.
  • Put grab bars in the bathroom.
  • Use good lighting.
  • Wear sturdy shoes with good traction.

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A leading expert in the science of healthy aging, Dr. Eric B. Larson offers practical advice for growing old with resilience and foresight. More than just canned advice, Enlightened Aging proposes a path to resilience--one that's proven to help many stave off disability until very old age. The steps on this path include pro-activity, acceptance, and building and maintaining good physical, mental, and social health.

A workout routine specifically for seniors, performed at a slow, relaxing pace. The chair exercises will increase flexibility, provide a renewed sense of balance and well-being, develop strength, and enhance the ability to function for seniors.

Good balance is essential. Recent scientific studies point to good balance as an indicator for longevity. As we age, our balance and coordination begin to diminish, leading to a higher risk of falls. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury among Americans over age 65. The Stand Strong workout presented in this handbook will guide you to improved balance through simple, easy to follow exercises. Now you can reclaim your independence and restore your confidence by improving your coordination and regaining your sense of balance by using Exercises for Better Balance as your guide to freedom and mobility, while helping you to lessen the risks of falls, improve your posture, and restore motor control, all while increasing your strength and energy.

Leg muscles are out to work in all of one's daily activities from the moment one get out of bed until the time to sleep at night. When strengthen leg muscles, one can positively impact independence and wellness by leaps and bounds. Improve bone density and increase muscle mass as one increase the frequency of these exercises, the weight one lifts and the number of repetitions done. Increased strength and endurance in legs help live daily life with more energy and confidence..

"Yoga gives active people vital tools for healthy aging: strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. In this one-of-a-kind book, Sage Roundtree and Alexandra DeSiato clearly describe the what, why, and how of poses and routines that help keep people in any decade of life--but especially older people--fit and injury-free. Addressing the four biggest concerns of the older yoga student--balance, core strength, hip flexibility, and recovery--Lifelong Yoga is a unique and essential guide to the philosophy, poses, and routines that can help solve the challenges we encounter as we age. The authors offer poses and routines aimed toward specific goals, such as improving balance, maintaining strength and flexibility, or recovering properly between workouts. Each sequence is fully illustrated with photos and introduced with a brief overview of the benefits of the movements along with modifications and options suited to individual requirements. Lifelong Yoga also provides sequences that help support specific activities such as running, swimming, or golf--as well as yard work, travel, and caring for grandchildren. Straightforward schedules suggesting ways to incorporate yoga in daily routines illustrate how easy it is to receive yoga's benefits with minimal time commitment. Rountree and DeSiato also explain how meditation, mindfulness, breathing practices, and the physical practice of yoga can help with both mental flexibility and relaxation, and with staying focused and mentally acute. From the practical to the philosophical, at home or in class, Lifelong Yoga is a friendly, wise handbook for living in a changing body over the course of a long life"--.

Beginners level that aims to prepare the mind along with the body to initiate an exercise routine which can be used permanently by older adults for a better quality of life.