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Read Michigan Travel for Kids

It's another great day in the Mitten State! There are so many great places to visit and fun things to see and do all over our great state that hopefully you will get to enjoy at least one or two of those items this summer. Hopefully, these books will give you some great ideas!


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Almost 20,000 years ago, Earth's climate began to warm. Because of the changing temperatures, a miles-thick ice sheet started to shift. As the ice sheet moved, it carved deep pits in the land and left water in its wake. This melted ice filled the new cavities. This is the story of America's Great Lakes: Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. Enriched with stunning photographs and informative fact boxes and sidebars, this educational text sheds light on the scientific history of some of our nation's most treasured geological features.

Horror in Michigan by E. Merwin

Michigan is home to quaint towns and beautiful lakes. It also has a long history of hauntings. Travel the back roads in search of ghosts and you won't be disappointed-- but will you make it out alive? Get ready to read four terrifying tales about Michigan's spookiest spots! 

Lulu & Rocky in Detroit by Barbara M Joosse

Lulu and her cousin Rocky are visiting the city of Detroit, the Motor City! There are so many fun things to see and do, like visiting Campus Martius to make sand castles, eating cherries at the Eastern Market, riding the carousel at the Riverfront, and seeing the works of Diego Rivera at the Detroit Institute of Arts. 

Michigan by Josh Gregory

Unlike most other states, Michigan is divided into two main pieces of land. To the north is the long, narrow Upper Peninsula. To the south, across Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, lies the mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula. Readers will travel across the entire state as they find out what life is like in Michigan. They will learn about the local history and government, sample the local cuisine, spot wildlife, and more.

Michigan by Ann Heinrichs

Introduces the geography, history, agriculture, industries, wildlife, and cultural and tourist attractions of the state of Michigan.

Inside you'll find 86 of the most common and important Michigan birds to know. Species organized by color for quick and easy identification. Full-color photographs and full page of information for each bird. Field marks, favorite hangouts, range maps, Stan's cool facts and more. Bonus : fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Presents the history, geography, climate, plants and animals, cities, transportation, natural resources, industry, sports, entertainment, and people of Michigan, as well as general facts about the state.

Miss Colfax's Light by Aimée M Bissonette

In 1861, at the age of 37, Harriet Colfax became the lighthouse keeper for the Michigan City Lighthouse off Lake Michigan. For 43 years, until the age of 80, Harriet kept her light burning, through storms, harsh winters, and changes in technology. This true story includes excerpts from her actual log.

Describes the early days of notable girls and women who were born or lived in Michigan, including Betty Boomer Ford, Civil War soldier Sarah Emma Edmonds, baseball player Marilyn Jenkins, and Diana Ross, and recounts their later lives.

A picture book biography of urban environmental artist Tyree Guyton, discussing his childhood in 1950s Detroit and the way he used art to transform his decaying, crime-ridden neighborhood into an internationally-recognized exhibit.