Outdoor Challenge: Fireworks

Outdoor Challenge Experience: Watch a firework show or launch your own fireworks with friends or family outside. Take pictures and record what you did on your challenge sheet.

Outdoor Challenge Explore: Learn about the 4th of July, America, or how fireworks are made by reading materials from the Canton Public Library.

Outdoor Challenge Engage: Share your fireworks experience by telling someone else (a friend, family member, or neighbor) or share your experience on social media with the hashtag #CYSStoryBox. 

Explore Fireworks With the Following Books

Blue sky white stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus

Picture Book (K - 2nd Grade) Wonderfully spare, deceptively simple verses pair with richly evocative paintings to celebrate the iconic imagery of our nation, beginning with the American flag. Each spread, sumptuously illustrated by award-winning artist Kadir Nelson, depicts a stirring tableau, from the view of the Statue of Library at Ellis Island to civil rights marchers shoulder to shoulder, to a spacecraft at Cape Canaveral blasting off.  This book is an ode to America then and now, from sea to shining sea.

Combines text, hands-on activities, and links to primary sources in a chronicle of the American Revolution that describes the experiences of rebel soldiers while introducing the official documents on which the country was founded.

Fireworks! by Isabel Thomas

Children's Nonfiction: How do fireworks get their colors? And why do they explode? Read this book to learn all about the chemical and physical properties of materials, as well as firework safety.

Children's Nonfiction (Grades 4 - 8) In Fireworks readers will learn about the science of pyrotechnics and be exposed to words like "chemical reaction," "combustion," and "lift charges." Sections offer a historical overview of the evolution of the study of fire, the mechanics of "building" fireworks (including how to add different colors), how explosions are timed, and how pyrotechnicians avoid "nasty surprises." 

Adult Nonfiction: No event in American history was more pivotal-or more furiously contested-than Congress's decision to declare independence in July 1776. Even months after American blood had been shed at Lexington and Concord, many colonists remained loyal to Britain. John Adams, a leader of the revolutionary effort, said bringing the fractious colonies together was like getting thirteen clocks to strike at once." Other books have been written about the Declaration, but no author has traced the political journey from protest to Revolution with the narrative scope and flair of John Ferling. 

Adult Nonfiction: Whirlwind's a fast-paced and scrupulously told one-volume history of this epochal time. Balancing social and political concerns of the period and perspectives of the average American revolutionary with a careful examination of the war itself, Ferling has crafted the ideal book for armchair military history buffs, a book about the causes of the American Revolution, the war that won it, and the meaning of the Revolution overall. Combining careful scholarship, arresting detail, and illustrative storytelling,Whirlwind is a unique and compelling addition to any collection of books on the American Revolution.