New Systems: Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X

Playstation 5 system and controller. Both have a white body with black accents.

The next generation of systems are coming in November 2020! But what does that mean? Below is an overview of each system, the digital editions, backward compatibility, and new games. 

Playstation 5

Playstation 5 or PS5 is releasing on November 12th for $499. The new system has fast loading times, more realistic graphics, fluid gameplay, and 8K output. Check out Sony's website for all the tech specifics. 

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is releasing on November 10th for $499. The new system has faster load times, better graphics, more fluid gameplay and storage expansion options. Check out Microsoft's website for all the tech specifics. 

Xbox Series X system with controller. Both are black with the silver xbox button.

Digital Editions

Playstation and Xbox both have digital only editions that cost $100 less. The Playstation version is called Playstation 5 Digital Edition and the Xbox version is called Xbox Series S. Both are DISC FREE systems that can ONLY PLAY DIGITAL EDITIONS OF GAMES. This means if you purchase these systems you will be UNABLE TO PLAY LIBRARY VIDEO GAMES

Backward Compatibility

This is the FIRST generation of systems with backwards compatibility AT LAUNCH. This means you can check out older video games from CPL and play them on your new system. Check out the complete lists below: 

In addition Xbox has a Smart Delivery games: "Smart Delivery ensures you only have to purchase a game once to play the best available version for whichever Xbox console you choose to play on." This means when you purchase the Xbox One copy you will also get the upgraded version of the game for free when it’s available. Check out the details here.

New Games

CPL will be getting games for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Check back later for a list a games available to check out.