New Books for Women's History Month

Marie Curie. Eleanor Roosevelt. Susan B. Anthony. Elizabeth I of England. Florence Nightingale. These remarkable women are well known to most of us, but there are many others in history just as remarkable whose names may not be as recognizable. In honor of Women's History Month we should all make some time to learn about them by reading some of the many biographies to found in the library's collection:

Eighty Years and More : Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Ann D. (AFT) Ellen Carol (INT)/ Gordon Elizabeth Cady/ Dubois Stanton
The Better Angels : Five Women Who Changed Civil War America by Elisabeth (FRW) Robert C./ Griffith Plumb
Alice Adams : portrait of a writer by 1948- Carol Sklenicka
The book of gutsy women by HIllary Rodham Clinton
Pelosi by Molly Ball