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Murder Will Out: October, 2016

This month's mysteries are going to the dogs and cats.  

A familiar tail by Delia James
Crime and poetry by Amanda Flower
File M for murder by Miranda James

Librarian Charlie Harris, living in his hometown of Athena, Mississippi, with his Maine coon cat Diesel, becomes caught up in a murder mystery when his daughter Laura is suspected of killing Connor Lawton, her old flame.

Breaking creed by Alex Kava

Receiving attention after intercepting drug deals with his canine assistants, K9 search and rescue trainer Ryder Creed teams up with FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell to stop a human smuggling operation and halt a series of brutal murders.

The search by Iris Johansen

K-9 search and rescue worker Sarah Patrick is strong-armed by John Logan into helping him find the sole survivor of his top-secret facility's slaughtered staff, and she soon finds herself at risk of being the next victim.

Tailing a tabby by Laurie Cass
Scent of murder by James O Born

Holly Winter, a columnist for a publication about dogs and a malamute enthusiast, makes a lot of enemies when she rejects applicants who want to adopt homeless malamute dogs, but when a young woman is killed in a car crash, an elderly member of Holly's dog-training club mysteriously dies, and Gabrielle begins to fall asleep while driving, it appears that a killer is closing in on Holly.