Library Paper Retriever Collection to Cease

The Canton Public Library will be participating in Canton's single-stream recycling beginning in September, 2016. In order to make our recycling efficient and effective we will no longer be participating in the Paper Retriever Recycling Program, effective August 12. We thank everyone who has contributed to this program on our behalf and encourage those interested to continue contributing to this valuable program in the future. Below please find Paper Retriever locations in the Canton area. If you are not finding one that is convenient for you, please call Paper Retriever at 248-399-2400.


  • Achieve Charter Academy, 3250 Denton Rd, Canton, MI 48188, (734) 397-0960
  • Bentley Elementary School, 1100 S Sheldon Rd, Canton, MI 48188, (734) 397-6360
  • Field Elementary School, 1000 Haggerty Hwy, Canton, MI 48188, (734) 397-6330
  • South Canton Scholars Charter Academy, 3085 S Canton Center Rd, Canton, MI 48188, (734) 398-5658
  • St. Thomas a'Becket Catholic Church, 555 S Lilley Rd, Canton, MI 48188, (734) 981-1333


I used to drop all my junk mail and older correspondence at the Library's Paper Retriever bins, without obscuring the address, most often without even opening the envelopes. I cannot do the same with the Canton recycling program. That means, these letters will go into the regular (plastic bag) trash unless I drive to another Paper Retriever site -- in winter, that is unlikely. Sorry you had to remove the Library bins.