It's Spring, Little Ones!

Spring officially starts on March 20. Celebrate the budding season with these reads for kids. 

Goodbye winter, hello spring by illustrator Kenard Pak

A boy and his dog explore the countryside, greeting the elements of nature that they meet and noting how the environment is changing from winter to spring.

While out exploring Mick, Mack, and Molly take a ride on a fallen log and learn how the snow melts and ends up in the rivers and lakes and eventually in the sky.

The song of spring by Hendrik Jonas

Spring arrives and birds everywhere are calling out to each other, but when one young bird forgets which sound to make to find a bird friend, a group of animals come together to help.

Spring babies by Kathryn Osebold Galbraith

It is spring in the park and after the rain falls, babies play and giggle, while birds and animals sing and sleep.

When spring comes to the DMZ by illustrator k-pae Yi

Grandfather returns each year to the demilitarized zone, the barrier--and accidental nature preserve--that separates families that live in North and South Korea.

Spectacular spring by Bruce Goldstone

A photographic picture book providing a comprehensive overview of topics linked to spring.

Mouse loves spring by Lauren Thompson

A mouse and its mother experience the delights of nature on a windy spring day

Let's look at spring by Sarah L. Schuette

How do we know it's spring? The sun shines, and rain falls. Baby animals are born, and flowers bloom. This book shows young readers how to recognize the changes that happen in spring. 

Spring science by Katie Coppens

Acadia Greene, who always has questions ready for anything, uses the scientific method to investigate meteors, identify signs of the changing seasons, and examine mass extinctions

Little Bird's bad word by Jacob Grant

Little Bird loves learning new words and sharing them with his friends, so when he realizes that his latest one is a bad word, he knows just what to say to set things right.