Grand River: From Detroit to Lake Michigan

Grand River Avenue, or Michigan US-16 as it was ultimately designated, is one of Michigan's true "Blue Highways"--an original two-lane, blacktop road still serving as a direct path through roadside America. Originally a Native American trail, this ancient path has been a westbound route from the Straits of Detroit to the eastern shores of Lake Michigan for more than 1,000 years. Over time, it has served as a footpath, horse trail, wagon rut, stagecoach route, plank road, and ultimately a two-lane highway that gave some of America's earliest motorists their first taste of long-distance automobile travel.

Join authors Jon Milan and Gail Offen for an evening of fascinating local history. Jon and Gail will answer all your questions and invite you to share your own memories. You may even be inspired to plan a road trip of your own.


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