Get Crafty

Did you know that arts and crafts have amazing benefits for the mind and body?  They can help relieve stress, encourage creative thinking, and improve our fine motor skills. Explore the resources listed below for ways to get your craft on!

[Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash]

62 Days Programs

These programs are craft programs or other programs that have a craft component. Click on the link for more information on each program, including how to register.

DIY Resources and Activities




Books for all ages

Get crafty with these titles! The library has a TON of crafting resources available for checkout. Scroll down to view a sample of what is available. A full selection of titles may be found by following the links at the end of each list. 

Crafting for kids

50 fun craft projects to make and do by 1956- Carolyn Franklin


Want more? Click here to find additional books on paper crafts,  sewing,  maker projects,  or all different kinds of crafts.

Crafting for adults