Canton Public Library Senior Pulse Project

The Canton Public Library embarked on a study in the fall of 2020 to learn about the unique needs of Canton Township residents aged 65 and older.  This strategic research was called the Senior Pulse Project and its goal was to learn how the library could safely meet the short term needs of Canton seniors. 

Who Was Involved in This Project?

The Pulse team included six library staff members as well as our Research Strategist, Susan Kennedy, from Look See.  
The library also received a wealth of information from our community partners who shared their expertise:

  • TejKiran Singh, Gurdwara Sahib Singh Sabha of Michigan
  • Sufia Fateh, Muslim Community of the Western Suburbs
  • Stephanie Diago, Club 55 Canton Leisure Services
  • Ariel Starr, Waltonwood Cherry Hill
  • Bill Schlatter, SEMCOG
  • Dan Patton, CPL Librarian

What Did We Learn?

We learned a lot about the seniors in our community!

  • About 13,000 people or 14% of Canton Township’s population are 65 or older;
  • 25% of seniors aged 65-69 and 24% of seniors aged 70-74 are still in the workforce;
  • 34% have a bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • 2,300 live alone, mostly in private residences;
  • 77% live with a spouse or family member;
  • Seniors live in about 8,250 Canton households.

Utilizing our own extensive research as well as interviews with our community partners, three important themes emerged:

  • Seniors would like to maintain control and keep their independence and autonomy;
  • Seniors would like to feel relevant;
  • Seniors would like to find joy.

How Might This Information Create Opportunities?

Our goal was to use our knowledge from this project to find new opportunities.  In order to do that we are exploring how to:

  • Anticipate seniors’ needs
  • Provide stealthy support;
  • Make magic happen!

We are actively looking for services and programs to improve the lives of our seniors.  Look for more news in the months to come! 

For more information or questions, please contact Laurie Golden, Department Head Community Relations: