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April 11th is National Pet Day!

Pets can bring such joy and comfort to our lives. They become a source of solace, our best friends, and of course, the source of super adorable photos, memes, and videos! Whether your pet is furry, feathery, or scaly, enjoy these great pet themed books. 

Guinea pigs by Christina Leaf

This book introduces beginning readers to guinea pigs through simple, predictable text and related photos.

President Biden's German shepherd, Champ, keeps his "dad" company; helps the family's new dog, Major, a shelter puppy, learn what to do; recalls visiting the White House when President Biden was Vice President; and settles into his new home with Major.

Super Turbo saves the day! by Edgar J. Powers

Super Turbo learns he is not the only superhero pet at Sunnyview Elementary.

Murray the ferret by Debbi Michiko Florence

Since the Takano family's new foster pet, Murray the ferret, arrived at their house, all sorts of things have gone missing: shoes, jewelry, keys, coins . . . Although eight-year-old Kaita enjoys solving the mysteries, she worries that finding a forever home for the lovable furry bandit will be near impossible! 

Time for a turtle? -- Choose a turtle -- Your turtle's home -- Clean water -- Your turtle's diet -- Get to know your turtle -- Sick turtles -- Danger! -- The right fit for you? -- What you'll need

All the dear little animals by 1948- Ulf Nilsson

Early readers will love the dry humor and wonderfully rounded story of All the Dear Little Animals. Nilsson perfectly captures the child's perspective, balancing compassion and humor. This is a very funny story about a topic that touches all of us.

The author presents 39 pets, many of them considered "exotic," and discusses what makes these pets unique, where they come from, and how to care for them, including proper habitat and feeding.

A clever, funny, and informative look at the pets--from Calvin Coolidge's wallaby to Teddy Roosevelt's flying squirrels--that have passed through the White House gates.

World's worst parrot by 1979- Alice Kuipers

In this high-interest novel for middle readers, Avaâs life suddenly becomes very complicated when she inherits a troublesome African Grey Parrot.

Norman is one amazing goldfish! His owner knows Norman is sure to dazzle the crowd at Pet-O-Rama with his circles, bubbles, and flips--even though some kids don't think a goldfish is a good pet. But when Norman is finally on stage, he freezes up and hides behind his plant. Poor Norman! Luckily, his owner plays a familiar song on the tuba, helping Norman to relax and show the crowd how amazing he really is. The popular stars of Not Norman return in a warm and wryly funny new story about being there for your fishy friend when he needs you most.

The great pet heist by Emily Ecton

When their elderly owner goes to the hospital, Butterbean the dachshund, Walt the cat, Oscar the mynah bird, and rats Marco and Polo plan a robbery to support themselves.