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Hockey Books

Call Number Author Title
J Picture Book ABC Napier, M. Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet
J Picture Book BOU Bourgeois, P. Franklin Plays Hockey
J Picture Book SIE Siemiatycki, J. The Hockey Card
J Easy Fiction LEONETTI Leonetti, M. The Goalie Mask
J Series A Krensky, S. Arthur and the Goalie Ghost
J Paperback C Hirschfeld, R. Body Check
J Paperback C Christopher, M. Penalty Shot
J Paperback M MacGregor, R. The Screech Owl Series
J Paperback S Shull, M. Yours Truly, Skye O'Shea
J Fiction GUTMAN Gutman, D. The Million Dollar Goal
J 796 R Ray, J. Careers in Hockey
J 796.962 A Ayers, T. The Illustrated Rules of Hockey
J 796.962 B   A Basic Guide to Hockey
J 796.962 D Diamond, D. Hockey Rules!: the Official, Illustrated Kids Guide to NHL Rules and Regulations
J 796.962 D Ditchfield, C. Ice Hockey
J 796.962 J Jensen, J. Beginning Hockey
J 796.962 K Klingel, C. Hockey
J 796.962 L Liss, H. Hockey Talk for Beginners
J 796.962 R Rositer, S. Hockey the NHL Way: Hockey Tips from the Pros
J 796.962 R Rositer, S. Hockey the NHL Way: the Basics
J 796.962 S Stewart, M. The Stanley Cup
J 796.962 S Suen, A. The Story of Hockey
J 796.962 S Sullivan, G. All about Hockey
J 796.962 T Thomas, K. How Hockey Works
J 796.962 W Will, S. Hockey for Fun