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Gross Science

Like to be grossed out? Check out these books that describe yucky, icky, or downright disgusting stuff from the world of science, from bacteria to body functions.

Micro mania: a really close-up look at bacteria, bedbugs & the zillions of other gross little creatures that live in, on & all around you! by Jordan D. Brown

Don't touch that!: the book of gross, poisonous, and downright icky plants and critters by Jeff Day

Hawk & drool: gross stuff in your mouth by Sandy Donovan and Michael Slack

Why fish fart: gross but true things you'll wish you didn't know by Francesca Gould and JP Coovert

How weird is it?: a freaky book all about strangeness by Ben Hillman

How loud can you burp?: more extremely important questions (and answers!) by Glenn Murphy and Mike Phillips

Creepy backyard invaders by Ruth Owen

Why bed bugs bite and other gross facts about bugs by Jody Sullivan Rake

Ack! icky, sticky, gross stuff underground by Pam Rosenberg and Beatriz Helena Ramos

Puke and poo by Angela Royston

Animal grossapedia by Melissa Stewart

Gross science projects by Jodi Lyn Wheeler-Toppen