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Reminder to spring ahead this weekend into Daylight Saving Time which begins Sunday, March 13th at 2:00 AM. Move your clocks ahead one hour to gain extra light during the evening hours! In addition, take time to change smoke detector batteries and check carbon monoxide detectors to protect your family and home.

Spring into a new book and join thousands of readers around the world by participating in the Big Library Read! This "global eBook club" will read the Art of Taking it Easy by Dr. Bryan King. Trained as a neuroscientist and psycholgist, Dr. King is also a comedian! This book is a guide to embrace humor in order to reduce stress. It's practical, yet funny and will show you how to live a happier and fuller life. From April 5th - 19th you can borrow and read or listen to the Art of Taking it Easy by Dr. Brian King with unlimited access and no waitlist through OverDrive.

This year's Together We Read selection is the romance novel Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn. Described as a quirky love story between a talented calligrapher and a Wall Street mathematician who discovers a secret message in her work. Join e-Book readers across the U.S. reading this book at the same time and enjoy some warmth and laughter this winter. This title will be available on OverDrive without any waitlists or holds from February 10th-24th.

Looking for something new to read this fall? Join thousands of readers around the world by participating in the Big Library Read! This "global eBook club" will read the YA fantasy Reverie by Ryan La Sala. Described as Inception meets the Magicians, it is a wildly imaginative story about dreams becoming reality. From November 2 to November 16, you can borrow and read or listen to Reverie by Ryan LaSala with unlimited access and no waitlist through OverDrive.

This weekend we fall back to Eastern Standard Time, EST, as Daylight Saving Time, DST, ends on Sunday, November 1st at 2:00 AM. Move your clocks back one hour to gain an extra hour. In addition, take time to change those smoke detector batteries and check carbon monoxide detectors to protect your family and home.

The Libraries Transform Book Pick, a digital reading program connecting readers nationwide to free access to the same ebook through public libraries, returns this fall! Unlimited copies of Book of the Little Axe by Lauren Francis-Sharma will be offered by OverDrive from September 14-28, 2020.

Book of the Little Axe is an incredible journey, spanning decades and oceans from Trinidad to the American West during the tumultuous days of warring colonial powers and Westward expansion. This coming of age story tells of Rosa, who was never embraced by her mother and siblings, nor did she accept the typically female role proposed for her. As her story comes out, interwoven with her later, both difficult, life in what is now Montana, the conflicts between white and black, man and woman, heightens. 

OverDrive's Big Library Read, globally connects readers around the world who are reading the same eBook simultaneously. The 2020 summer selection is the mystery, The Darwin Affair by Tim Mason. A page turning Victorian-era thriller! An assassination attempt on Queen Victoria and the murder of a petty thief moments later leads Chief Detective Inspector Charles Field into an investigation that exposes a shocking conspiracy in which the publication of Charles Darwin’s controversial On the Origin of Species sets off a string of murders, arson, kidnapping, and the pursuit of a madman.

The Big Library Read runs from August 3 -17, 2020 and offers unlimited access to the e-book and audiobook  and no waiting for holds.

Hiking has many benefits. Along with the sun warming your face, the sound of the wind in the trees and the beauty of nature, hiking is good for your health. You not only get physical exercise but also emotional and mental relief enjoying the great outdoors. So lace up your hiking boots, gather your family and discover the abundance of trails and parks in Canton and the great state of Michigan.

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Canton Twp.Trails

Lower Rouge River Recreation Trail

ITC Corridor Trail (Novi)

SEMCOG Michigan Trails

Michigan Trails

Michigan Trail Maps


Canton Parks

Canton Walking Paths

State Parks - Maybury, Isand Lake Recreation Area, Proud Lake Recreation Area, etc.

Metroparks - Dexter-Huron, Delhi, Hudson Mills, Kensington, etc. 


Kitchen gardening has been around since the early times. A small plot of land near the house can be used to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables for household use, according to the season. Growing your own food has many health benefits:

You eat more fresh fruits and vegetables,

You chose what pesticides and fertilizers to use
Harvest time is chosen by you.

It is good exercise and fun for the whole family.           

These books and other resources can help you get started on your kitchen garden today!  

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OverDrive's Big Library Readglobally connects readers around the world who are reading the same eBook simultaneously. The 2020 spring selection is stand-up comic Michael Mcreary's memoir, Funny, You Don't Look Autistic. Like others on the autism spectrum, twenty something McCreary has been told he doesn't "look" autistic. 

The Big Library Read runs from March 23th - April 13th and offers unlimited access on the title and no waiting for holds.