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World War II Documentaries

Assault on Iwo Jima [videodisc]

Bataan rescue [videodisc] by a Green Umbrella film for American experience ; written and produced by David Axelrod ; directed by Peter Jones

The Battle of the Bulge [videodisc]: the deadliest battle of World War II by produced by Thomas Lennon ; written by Thomas Lennon & Mark Zwonitzer

BBC history of World War II. Part one [videodisc]

Berga [videodisc] : soldiers of another war

The Blitz [videodisc]: London's longest night by producer and director Louise Osmond; executive producer Julian Ware

The canteen spirit [videodisc] by a production of NET Television ; produced, written and directed by Annie Mumgaard

The conscientious objector [videodisc] by Benedict, Terry

D-day to Berlin [videodisc] by a BBC/ History Channel co- production; executive producer, Laurence Rees

Embedded '45 [videodisc]: shooting war in Germany by written and directed by Michael Kloft; edited by Monika Finneisen; music by Wolfgang Pose; narrated by Nick F. Bolton, Emily Clarke-Brandt; executive producer Bernd Jacobs

Great escape [videodisc]

The hidden child [videodisc] by a production of NJN Public Television; senior producer and host, Sara Lee Kessler; producer and editorLisa Bair Miller; executive producers Janice Selinger and Elizabeth Christopherson

The last days of World War II [videodisc] : a nation's countdown to victory by A & E Television Networks

Last best hope [videodisc]: a true story of escape, evasion, and remembrance by Rendez-Vous Film, LLC in assocation with KLRU-TV

Memory of the camps [videodisc] by WGBH Educational Foundation

The Nazis [videodisc] : a warning from history by a BBC & A & E Network co-production ; written and produced by Laurence Rees

Nuremberg [videodisc] : tyranny on trial

Perilous fight [videodisc] : America's World War II in color by Co-production of TWI, Carlton and KCTS/Seattle

The Ritchie boys [videodisc] by produced by Dagmar Biller ; written and directed by Christian Bauer

Total war : 1939-1947 [videodisc]

The true story of the bridge on the River Kwai [videodisc] by the History Channel

The Tuskegee airmen [videodisc] by Rubicon Productions

Unlikely heroes [videodisc]

The War. Disc 1, [videodisc]: A necessary war by American Lives II Film Project, LLC. ; a production of Florentine Films and WETA Washington D.C. ; produced by Sarah Botstein ; written by Geoffrey C. Ward ; directed and produced by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

Warlords [videordisc] by Ten Alps Communications production for Channel Four

White light, black rain [videodisc]: the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by HBO Documentary Films presents a Farallon Films production ; produced, directed & edited by Steven Okazaki

The world at war [videodisc] : the definitive history of the second World War

World War II with Walter Cronkite [videodisc] : war in the Pacific by a production of Cronkite Ward in association with CBS News

World War II with Walter Cronkite [videodisc] : war in Europe by Dastar presents a Marathon Music & Video presentation, CBS DVD