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Helpful Medical Reference Books

Physicians' desk reference 2010 — Data on more than 4,000 drugs by brand and generic name (both in the same convenient index), manufacturer, and product category.

Medical tests sourcebook : basic consumer health information about medical tests, including periodic health exams, general screening tests, tests you can do at home, findings of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, X-ray and radiology tests, electrical tests, tests of blood and other body fluids and tissues, scope tests, lung tests, genetic tests, pregnancy tests, newborn screening tests, sexually transmitted disease tests, and computer aided diagnoses ; along with a section on paying for medical tests, a glossary, and resource listings by edited by Joyce Brennfleck Shannon — A comprehensive guide to medical tests and explanation of the results.

Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary — A comprehensive medical dictionary, complete with tables and artwork.

The Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy by Mark H. Beers and Robert S. Porter, editors — Provides detailed information on the vast expanse of human diseases, disorders and injuries, as well as their symptoms and recommended therapy.

American Medical Association family medical guide by American Medical Association — A handy reference for the health of the entire family. Includes symptom flow charts, helpful tips and treatment guidelines.

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-IV-TR — A manual of mental disorders, including extensive diagnostic criteria.