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Nutrition almanac by John D. Kirschmann and Nutrition Search, Inc — A comprehensive book that includes information regarding the best foods to eat for certain health conditions.

The 150 healthiest foods on earth : the surprising, unbiased truth about what you should eat and why by Jonny Bowden — Readers will find out what nutrients each of the 150 featured foods contain and other helpful information.

The healthiest kid in the neighborhood : ten ways to get your family on the right nutritional track by William Sears ... [et al.] — America's foremost childcare experts present an appetizing, easy-to-follow eating plan for shaping children's tastes and metabolisms toward optimal health.

What to eat by Marion Nestle — Author Marion Nestle takes us on a guided tour of the American supermarket and shows us exactly how to feed our families and ourselves wisely and well.

The eating well healthy in a hurry cookbook : 150 delicious recipes for simple, everyday suppers in 45 minutes or less by Jim Romanoff [editor] and the editors of EatingWell — Coming out of the Vermont test kitchens of “Eating Well" magazine, this collection serves up a broad range of 150 easy and mouthwatering recipes that can be cooked in 35 minutes or less.

Nutrition for dummies by Carol Ann Rinzler — An updated reference source offers a comprehensive, sensible look at proper nutrition.

Eat, drink and be healthy : the Harvard Medical School guide to healthy eating by Walter C. Willett ; written with the assistance of Edward Giovannucci, Maureen Callahan, and Patrick Skerrett — Overturning widely held, misguided ideas about diet, this guide clarifies the optimum balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in a healthy diet.