Meeting Minutes - November 18, 2010

The Chairperson, Colleen Van Auken, called the meeting to order at 7:30PM
Present: J. Fausone, G. Snow, K. Schulz, M. Siegrist, D. Turner, C. Van Auken
Also Present: E. Davis, K. Gladden

Call to Audience

No comments (G. Bell, K. Brandow, R. Havenstein-Coughlin, A. Heidemann, P. McNichol, L. Papa, S. Rzetelny)

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as amended

Approval of Minutes

J. Fausone moved and M. Siegrist supported a motion to approve the minutes of the September 16 General Meeting.
The motion passed unanimously 10/11-18-1.

J. Fausone moved and K. Schulz supported a motion to approve the minutes of the September 16 Budget Hearing.
The motion passed unanimously BH10/11-18-1.



Report of the Library Director

The library served as a collection point for the Detroit Area Diaper Bank’s 2010 Diaper Drive. Over 26,000 diapers were collected, including cash donations.

Old Business

Board Holiday Party — The party will be held on Saturday, December 4th (7:00-9:00PM) at the home of Trustee Siegrist’s parents. Each Board member will donate $50 to defray the cost of the party.

New Business

Sick Leave Policy Revision — The revised policy calls for employee sick leave to be based on hours rather than days (as with the current vacation policy.) 80% of the staff will not be affected by this change; full-time staff will see a reduction in sick leave (ten days rather than 12.)

J. Fausone moved and D. Turner supported a motion to approve the Sick Leave Policy revision.
The motion passed unanimously 10/11-18-2.

2011 Calendar — Trustee Siegrist requested the March Board meeting be moved to March 24 (from March 17).

M. Siegrist moved and D. Turner supported a motion to approve the 2011 calendar as amended.
The motion passed unanimously 10/11-18-3.

2012 Budget — E. Davis requested that Chair Van Auken appoint a Finance Committee, composed of trustees, to discuss the administrative team’s proposals for the 2012 budget and beyond. Chair Van Auken will ask for volunteers (no more than 3) and appoint the committee at the December meeting.

The township reported an increase in the SEV; as a result, more revenue will be realized in 2011 than originally budgeted.

Director’s Evaluation — E. Davis will forward the appropriate forms to the Board members for the year-end evaluation.

Trustee Fausone asked if there were plans for any fundraising solicitations and suggested that any solicitations target the operating budget, rather than the Endowment Fund. The board as a whole concurred.

Call to Audience



The meeting was adjourned at 8:16PM