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We have got you covered on some music to groove to this summer! Whether you are having a social distancing or virtual block party this summer, or your family is enjoying a backyard cookout, we want to provide you with some options for a summer soundtrack. We have two playlists to choose from on multiple platforms to stream or download for later. We also have provided some links below to our in house music collection as well as digital titles for you to download for free with your Canton Public Library card! 



Exclusive CPL Playlists

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With this STEAM Square, we invite you to use different aspects of performance to complete the challenges below. There is science behind several aspects of performance, and we have included challenges related to acting, writing, singing, composing, and dancing for you to enjoy this summer. Curious about how a focus on the performing arts is integral to science and math? Read this article from Forbes magazine or check out our links below to see correlations you be unaware of.


Looking for more stuff to do? Check out our other STEAM Stop activities here or head back to the 62 Days of Summer home page for more ways to participate in the summer program!



Dance Challenge

Splash lab, hose nozzle, glass of ice water, water ballon splashing

Splash lab is all about using different principles of STEAM to explore one of our most abundant compounds made of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen. Though water is everywhere on Earth, it is a very unusual compound because of the nature of the chemical bonds between its atoms. Here are a few facts:

  • Water is denser in its liquid state than in its solid-state, which is why ice can float on or in liquid water.
  • Water has an unusually high boiling point based on its molecular weight.
  • Water is often referred to as the "universal solvent" because of its amazing ability to dissolve so many substances.

We have collected the following activities for you to experiment with water this summer.   

Skittle Investigation

Image of the acronym S T E A M


This is the landing page for our 62 Days of Summer STEAM Stops! The acronym STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Please scroll down to see what we have available to keep you and yours engaged this summer.


STEAM Stop: Flight

dripping words Gross Science, fly farting, pile of poo, a moldy old broken bone

It is necessary to experiment and learn about the things related to the gross area of science because though it seems a bit yucky, it is necessary for us to understand how things work. An example would be studying sweat and perspiration to make sure that our bodies are fueled correctly for the activities we want to participate in. Another relates to understanding how our skin repairs itself with blisters, scabs, and scars to help facilitate healing and prevent infection. Everyone poops, so why not explore and learn more on the physics related to poop? And finally, we have some experiments to uncover the germiest place in your home. Tune into this TED Talk on Gross Science to find out more about the importance of the gross part of science. 

Want to experiment on your own? Below are some activities and materials for all ages and abilities to explore this topic in different ways. 

Bodily Functions

April is Autism Acceptance Month. To celebrate, we have gathered some great titles in Nonfiction, Adult, Youth, and Teen for you to explore.


Isaac and his amazing Asperger superpowers! by illustrator Melanie Walsh
graphic showing various gender and ethnicity heads around a computer

As Canton Public Library cardholders, you have access to HelpNow by Brainfuse which offers live tutoring for all ages. We'd like to remind our patrons that one of their services called MEET allows for people to have virtual germ-free meetings in the comfort of their own homes.  

People in Your Neighborhood: Family Storytime

Families with children aged 5 and under are welcome to join us for these special session storytimes where we focus on one of our many community helpers and learn a bit more about the role they play here in Canton. 

Each storytime will be followed by ABC Activity Time.

Upcoming sessions

There are no upcoming sessions available.

U of M Stamps School of Art & Design STEAM Workshop: Mehndi Art

one hand painting henna art designs onto another hand

The cultures of India, Africa, and the Middle East often include a form of body art called Mehndi or Henna. Painted as a temporary tattoo using henna dye, Mehndi patterns are not only beautiful but also offer a rich source of geometric and computational thinking. During this workshop, you can learn about where Mehndi comes from, what the patterns symbolize, and even create your own Mehndi designs using the software provided in the workshop. Program is designed for patrons aged 12-17. Please bring your own laptop if possible. This program has been postponed until further notice.

Upcoming sessions

There are no upcoming sessions available.

Sensory Social Club

adults sitting at a table working on crafts together

February's Theme: I Love Dogs!

This inclusive and accessible program is intended for patrons aged 18+ to meet new people and explore fun and interesting activities all while being supported in a comfortable environment. Family and support staff are welcome to attend and connect with one another.

Each session may feature one or multiple activities such as stories, craft projects, time with a therapy dog, snacks, movement games, and more. This event is open to individuals, groups, and support staff. Registration is required as space is limited.

Upcoming sessions

There are no upcoming sessions available.