Take Time Together - Gratitude

Canton Public Library wants you to Electrify Your Winter and Spark Your Year! We've created a whole packet of "Spark Sheets" to help you set goals and achieve great things. Our kids and family components are called Take Time Together. We will link to the relevant Spark Sheets as well as suggest activities you can do at home to grow in ways you never thought of.


There are so many amazing ways to show gratitude in your life. Hopefully, these suggestions will help get you started whether you have 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 hours to spend with each other. 


5 Minutes

Next time you are with your family, be sure to say, "Thank You" when someone helps you do something, takes you somewhere, or gives you a present.

30 Minutes

Take 30 minutes and indulge your creative side. Make a homemade thank you card for someone special in your life and send it in the mail. It will really brighten someones day!

2 Hours

How can you show Gratitude in 2 hours? Spend time talking, listening, reading, playing, cooking, snuggling with someone in your life. Time spent together is so important and the gratitude you feel toward someone you love and love to spend time with is immeasurable. Don't forget about the phone! That's right--family and friends love to hear from you and will be so glad you called them. Be thankful you have that person or people in your life and be sure to tell them!

Even More Ways to Show Gratitude

Being grateful by Rebecca Pettiford
Thank you and good night by illustrator 1956- Patrick McDonnell

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