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Suggested Adventure/Survival Fiction for First Grade


Looking for action, adventure, or survival? Try checking out one of these daring tales. Books are suggested for First Grade, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Catherine Nichols

Follow the adventures of a mischievous boy in a Mississippi River town and his friends as they run away from home, paint a fence, and find treasure in a cave.

Humphrey goes on a backyard camping adventure with his classmates and meets all kinds of outdoor creatures -- even some scary ones.

Into the Forest by Anthony Browne

After his father seems to disappear, a boy takes a cake to his ill grandmother, traveling through the forest in a journey reminiscent of the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Jogger's Big Adventure by Francesca Simon

When the door to his cage suddenly opens, Jogger enjoys exploring his new world until the cat discovers that Jogger is roaming freely around the house.

Pirate Campout by Bill Scollon

Jake and his crew go camping at Doubloon Lagoon, and when Captain Hook joins them, they see that the old pirate needs to brush up on his camping skills.

Princess to the Rescue by Cláudia Cristina de Souza

A princess uses her quick mind and the arsenal of weapons carried in her purse to save a prince who has been locked in a jewelry box by a warty ogress.

Super Spies by Alison Inches

Agent Secret goes on a mission around the world to locate three secret containers, aided by his boss, Miss T, and pursued by the Lady in Pink and her henchman, Tyrone.

Zak and his family are off for a vacation to the trailer park and Zak has brought his new metal detector. He hopes he can find some treasure. But when he unearths a broken sword, it leads to a much bigger adventure.