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Share a Story: Octopus Storytime


Did you miss our Octopus Storytime? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions to inspire an under-the-sea storytime you can do at home. 


From Storytime

Awesome arms by Felicia Macheske

Using the photos and text, readers rely on visual literacy skills, reading, and reasoning as they solve the animal mystery. For more animal guessing mysteries, check out the rest of the Guess What series.

FIVE OCTOPUSES (This rhyme is very adaptable to many different things and is a favorite because of the fun part when we all get to roll our hands very fast!)

     Five Little Octopuses in a fishbowl (hold up five fingers)

     One escaped, and started to… ROLL. (roll your hands very fast)

     She changed her color and disappeared from view (hide your hands behind your back)

     How many octopuses are left in the crew? (count the leftover octopuses, and repeat until they're all gone)


My octopus arms by Keith Baker

Little Crab asks what an octopus can do with his eight arms and gets a surprising, rhyming, reply.



We sang Baby Shark (since Octopus will escape from a shark in the next story, and this is a really fun song.) using Jbrary's gentler version of the song.


Octopus escapes again by Laurie Angus

Whether searching for its next meal or avoiding becoming a meal, an octopus is an underwater master through color camouflage, or by spewing a cloud of obscuring ink, or by sacrificing a limb, or squeezing its boneless body into or through unlikely spaces. 

Octopus's garden [kit] by Ringo Starr

Presents a picture book rendering of the classic Beatles song and includes an accompanying CD recording and audio reading by the song's writer. We used this song for our parachute play today.

More Songs and Stories to Share

Roof octopus by Lucy Branam

Nora is the first to notice a very large octopus on top of her apartment building, which proves to be a very good neighbor but leaves all too soon.



     Once I saw an octopus, In the deep blue sea.

     I called "Hey there, Octopus! Won't you swim with me?"

     She spread out her tentacles, like she couldn’t wait!

     How many tentacles?

     One and two and three and four, five and six and seven and eight.



Cowboy & Octopus by Jon Scieszka

Cowboy and Octopus maintain their friendship despite different opinions about things like beans and knock-knock jokes.



     6 little octopuses going for a dive, the red one dove so deep that then there were 5.

     5 little octopuses swimming by the shore, the yellow one got lost and then there were 4.
     4 little octopuses cruising in the sea, the blue one hid in a hermit shell and then there were 3. 
     3 little octopuses in the ocean blue, the purple one took a seahorse ride and then there were 2.
     2 little octopuses swimming in the sun, the orange one stopped for a meal and then there was 1.
     1 little octopus swimming straight as an arrow, it was time to go home and then there were 0!


Gentle giant octopus by Karen Wallace

Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of a Giant Octopus and how she searches for a home at the bottom of the ocean, lays her eggs and protects them from predators until they can hatch.



     An octopus is sleeping at the bottom of the sea. (Pretend to sleep)

     Her eyes are closed up tightly, she can't see you or me. (Shake your head "no")

     But if she senses danger, her eyes will open wide. (Open your eyes wide and make a scared face)

     Then she'll quickly swim away back to her den to hide. (Swim your arms and hide)


A new creature is added to the deep-sea tank, but what will they call this flapjack octopus? Includes an author's note on Adorabilis and its name.

This greatest hits collection features all the most popular tunes from all five of Laurie Berkner's albums, including The Goldfish Song, which is a great undersea adventure.

Tickly octopus by Ruth Galloway

Octopus enjoys tickling other creatures, although most of them want him to stop, but one day his tickling causes big trouble and while he is trying to set things right, he discovers that he is good at doing other things, as well.