New York Times Online

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Read The New York Times from anywhere with your Canton Public Library card!

Enjoy digital access to current and historic NYT articles; customizable news alerts; multiple language options; and real-time market data and company research pages covering 11,000+ public and private companies.

Here's how:

1. Click on this link.
2. Enter your Canton Public Library card number and PIN.
3. Follow the link on the page.
4.  Create a New York Times account*; if you already have one, click “Sign in”.
5. After signing in you will have unlimited access to The New York Times online for 24 hours.
6. To continue after 24 hours is up, click on the link above in step 1 and sign in again with your account. (We recommend bookmarking this page!)

*Review the NYT Privacy Policy here.

Sharing login info with unauthorized users is a violation of our terms and agreement for both newspapers, and could result in cancellation of services.