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More Detroit Fiction

In 1958 Detroit, on Alder Avenue, neighbors struggle to care for neighbors amid a city ripe with conflicts that threaten their peaceful street. Grace, Alder's only expectant mother, eagerly awaits her first born. Best friend Julia prepares to welcome twin nieces. And Malina sets the tone with her stylish dresses, tasteful home, and ironfisted stewardship of St. Alban's bake sale. Life erupts when childlike Elizabeth disappears while in the care of Grace and Julia.

Don't look for me by Loren D Estleman

Amos Walker doesn't mean to walk into trouble. But sometimes it finds him, regardless. The missing woman has left a handwritten note that said, "Don't look for me." Any P.I. would take that as a challenge, especially when he found out that she'd left the same message once before, when having an illicit affair. But this time it's different. The trail leads Walker to an herbal remedies store, where the beautiful young clerk knows nothing about the dead body in the basement . . . or about any illegal activity that might be connected to the corpse.

Mr. Paradise : a novel by Elmore Leonard
Broken monsters by Lauren Beukes

Detective Gabriella Versado investigates after disturbing displays that fuse the bodies of murder victims with those of animals are uncovered in abandoned Detroit buildings.

Missing by Bob Adamov

Ace Put-in-Bay-based investigative reporter Emerson Moore has the tables cruelly turned on him following the murder trial and conviction of Detroit mobster, Jimmy Diamonds. During a wildly daring prison van hijacking and go-fast boat escape on the Detroit River, Moore incurs a severe head injury during a gun battle. When the getaway boat is found abandoned on Lake Erie, Moore is missing.

Looking for Przybylski by K. C. Frederick
Detroit breakdown by D. E. Johnson

Will Anderson and Elizabeth Hume are called to Eloise Insane Asylum outside of Detroit, where Elizabeth's cousin Robbie, a patient, is accused of murder, but Elizabeth is convinced of his innocence and begins her own dangerous investigation of the crime with the help of Anderson and Detective Riordan.

Contains ten short stories from author Jim Ray Daniels that take place in Detroit, Michigan, including his "Candy Necklace," "Hurting a Fly," "Held Back," and others.

She is book editor, Louise Starr, a beautiful and scheming ghost from Amos Walker's past-- and she wants the Detroit private eye to find Eugene Booth, a missing paperback writer from the 1950's and ask him why he turned down his first book contract in 40 years.

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides