Easy Readers in Space


Sometimes you just want to go to the moon. Here are some fiction and nonfiction books about space, the moon, astronauts, and spacey people. Try one of these books; while they are targeted to new and developing readers, they may have appeal to a wider audience. Click on the title for location and availability.

Space cows by Eric Seltzer
The Moon's time to shine by Scott Emmons
The moon by Martha E. H. Rustad
Moon stone mystery by Bob Kolar
Let's go to the moon by Erica Silverman
Make-believe class by Fran Manushkin
Space heroes by Hannah Dolan
Katherine Johnson by Thea Feldman
Howl at the moon by Jessica (Jessica E.) Young
Mae Jemison by Laurie Calkhoven
To the moon! by Paul A Reynolds
Moon landings by Shoshana Weider