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Detroit Fiction

Out of sight by Elmore Leonard
Them by Joyce Carol Oates
Grand River and Joy by Susan Messer

After his divorce and the death of his son David Halpert escapes to his hometown Detroit, and becomes involved in a murder investigation when he learns about the shooting of his high school girlfriend Natalie and her black half-brother, Dirk, and becomes romantically involved with Natalie's sister.

Angels of Detroit : a novel by Christopher Hebert

Once an example of American industrial might, Detroit has gone bankrupt, its streets dark, its storefronts vacant. Miles of city blocks lie empty, saplings growing through the cracked foundations of abandoned buildings. In razor-sharp, beguiling prose, Angels of Detroit draws us into the lives of multiple characters struggling to define their futures in this desolate landscape.

American detective by Loren D Estleman

A collection of 18 previously published stories about gangsters, hitmen, feuding families, corrupt cops, and more who are driven to commit crimes.

The art student's war by Brad Leithauser
Pagan babies by Elmore Leonard

Father Terry Dunn escapes from the horror he has witnessed in his small village in Rwanda and travels to Detroit, where he finds himself on the run from dangerous criminals and government officials who don't believe he is a priest.

Embers by Laura Bickle
Duplicity by Jane Haseldine
The jukebox kings by Douglas Allyn

It all starts when Mick Shannon Irish Mick loses to a knockout punch. His manager had bet heavy, and now Mick owes the mob, and more specifically, Moishe Abrams, who runs the jukes and collections in Detroit's 8 Mile. Moishe is part of the Old Guard, and not to be trifled with. But first time out, Moise takes a blade for Mick when Mojo Johnson doesn't want to pay up. Now Mojo's dead and there's a body to get rid of and an aging gangster who needs some serious medical attention. That's when Brownie steps in to help, and so begins Mick's career with the jukes.