Celebrate Native Heritage

Over 500 tribes of Native Americans are recognized in the United States. Learn more about Native American tribes, their cultures, and famous figures using one of the books below. 


Apache by Wren Richmond

Introduces the Apache people, discussing their history, traditions, and daily life.

"Explains Cherokee history and highlights Cherokee life in modern society"--.

Navajo by Sarah Tieck
Shoshone by Katie Lajiness

Presents information about the Native American tribe known as Shoshone, describing their history, clothing, food, social roles, hunting customs, religious beliefs, and decline after encounters with European settlers.

"Explains Sioux history and highlights Sioux life in modern society"--.

The Wampanoag by Kevin Cunningham

An exploration of the Wampanoag Indians, discussing the nation's relationship with settlers, culture, women, housing, and more.


Teaches about different Native American tribes while demonstrating how to make crafts that represent each.

Discusses the religious beliefs held by Native American tribes in each region of the Americas.

This book features fun and unique Native American crafts that have been adapted in an easy, step-by-step activity format with pictures for a young crafter.

Focusing on the inventive history of Native Americans from tools and technology to cultural achievements, this exploration shows how the first Americans, facing varying climates and unconquered lands, developed their rich cultures..

A collection of poems written by young Native Americans, inspired by or matched with photographs of artifacts and people from the National Museum of the American Indian.

Important Figures

Felix and Maisie re-enter The Treasure Chest and suddenly find themselves in the midst of a Lakota village. While exploring they meet a young man, soon to be known as Crazy Horse-- and embark on an adventure that includes fascinating vision quests and exciting battles.

Geronimo : Apache renegade by George Sullivan
Nez Percé Chief Joseph by William R. Sanford

"Read and discover how Chief Joseph led his people, the Nez Percé, on one of the greatest journeys in American history"--Provided by publisher.

Pocahontas : a life in two worlds by Victoria Garrett Jones
Oglala Lakota Chief Red Cloud by William R. Sanford

"Read about how this fearless Native American Chief of the Oglala Sioux led his people into a war for survival against the United States Army"--Provided by publisher.

Sacajawea, Shoshone trailblazer by Diane Shaughnessy

A biography of the Shoshoni Indian girl who served as interpreter, peacemaker, and guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Northwest in 1805-1806.

Describes the life and accomplishments of the leader of the Sioux nation, detailing his resistance against the United States government, particularly at the Battles of Killdeer Mountain and Little Bighorn, and highlighting his legacy.