Autumn's Here!

Autumn has arrived! Fall colors, apples, pumpkins  cider, doughnuts, and much more! If you want to check out the beautiful foliage in Michigan - and beyond - use this handy guide to get the best views. (For a refresher course on why leaves change color in the Fall check here.) Then come home and cook up some yummy Fall treats, and relax with some interesting crafts - or even a good book! Or just watch some football! Or hockey! Whatever you do, have fun. The possibilities are endless!

French Jesuit missionaries planted apple seeds in the Michigan wilderness more than a century before the travels of Johnny Appleseed. Seedlings grew into giant fruit-bearing trees that provided tangy apples to pioneers who followed. As the Detroit settlement grew, grafted apple trees were planted. By the late 1700s, orchards that bloomed with Fameuse, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, Pomme Gris and Detroit Red rivaled those of New England, and even President Thomas Jefferson received scions of Detroit trees to plant at his Monticello estate. 

"A guide to brewing and fermenting beverages with minimal time commitment, including beer, mead, cider, kombucha, kefir, soda, and alternative fermentations"--.

Provides recipes for pies, arranged by season, and includes information and tips on ingredients and pie-making techniques.

A collection of pie recipes from the West Coast to the East Coast, and from the Midwest to the South, and including sidebars on baking tips and techniques and essays on pie-making traditions around the country.