America in World War I

April 6, 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World War I on the side of the Allies. More than 2 million American soldiers served before the war's end on November 11, 1918.

In 1932, in the darkest days of the Depression, unemployed World War I veterans marched on Washington, D.C., looking for an advance on the bonus compensation promised to them years earlier. After camping throughout Washington for two months, the veterans were driven out by force. Congress finally agreed to pay the Bonus and nearly four million veterans benefited. The epic march set in motion a string of events that influenced the rights of veterans, including WWII's GI bill, plus the rights of citizens to assemble and petition the government.

When a "neutral" United States becomes a trading partner for the Allies early in World War I, the Germans implement a secret plan to strike back. A team of saboteurs--including an expert on germ warfare, a Harvard professor, and a brilliant, debonair spymaster--devise a series of "mysterious accidents" using explosives and biological weapons, to bring down vital targets such as ships, factories, livestock, and even captains of industry like J.P. Morgan. New York Police Inspector Tom Tunney, head of the department's Bomb Squad, is assigned the difficult mission of stopping them.

The first official theatrical release depicting America's part in World War One. Shot by the U.S. Army Signal Corp, the film is entirely comprised of authentic footage taken under actual combat conditions in France between 1917-1918. Includes scenes of President Wilson signing the Declaration of War, the arsenal of weapons developed and used by the United States, German U-Boats sinking freighters, the retaking of Catigny, Chateau Thierry, Selleau Wood, Soissons, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, and the Southern rail line through the Sedan.

After years of bitter debate and provocations on all sides, the U.S. declaration of war on Imperial Germany on April 6, 1917, plunged the country into the savage European conflict that would destroy--and remake--the world.