Super Smash Bros Tournament

ATTENTION: due to the lack of registrants, the format will change from Tournament to Free Play. Patrons who have registered will take turns playing 1 vs 1 with the Joy-Con Grips or 4 vs 4 with Joy-Cons. 

NOTE: The tournament will start promptly at 2:05 pm. Late registrants will lose their spot in the tournament.

Show off your smash skills in Canton Public Library's returning Super Smash Bros Tournament! We will have a Nintendo Switch set up in Tourney Format with two Joy-Con Grip controllers. Players will compete in 1 vs. 1 battles using their favorite fighter from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The winner for each battle will move on to the next round. The last fighter remaining is the tournament winner and will take home the Smash Trophy! 


  • Free play space is limited to 20 participants, all ages.
  • Registered patrons get priority.
  • Spectators welcome.

Upcoming sessions

There are no upcoming sessions available.

Pokemon Party

Catch 'em all at a Pokemon themed party! Stations will be set up with Pokemon crafts, games, and activities. 

  • Bring your own Pokemon cards* and Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! Let's Go, Eevee!** for battling and trading.
  • Make new friends, battle, or trade with Pokemon Go.*** 

If you don't have Pokemon cards or games don't worry! There will also be Pokemon themed crafts and activities that only require your creativity. Be the very best, like no one ever was!

For all ages, no registration required.


*To battle or trade with Pokemon Cards participants are required to bring their own Pokemon cards. 

**To battle and trade with Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! participants must bring their own Nintendo Switch with Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let's Go, Evee! game AND have battled your Rival for the first time. Transferring Pokemon from Go to Let's Go, is available after reaching Fuchsia City and is a ONE WAY TRADE.

***To play Pokemon Go, participants must bring their own Apple or Android device with Pokémon GO installed and account created. To battle other players, Trainers must be Level 10 or higher. To trade with other players, you must be friends first. 

Upcoming sessions

There are no upcoming sessions available.

The challenge for the builders this month was to create the ultimate superhero or super villain hideout!

  • Genghis Khan was made by two young ladies that wanted to make a villain hideout.
  • I'm Watching You was made by Alexandria. This villain hideout captures people and has a siren alarm for anyone who tries to escape or come in.
  • Sharigan was made by Saif and Ali. This villain hideout has cars, a flag, and guards.
  • Superhero Base was made by Fatima. This hero hideout included instruments, four people, and a flag.
  • Villain Base was made by Khalid. This hideout had several moving traps, an airplane, and car.
  • Dragonfly was also made by Fatima. This hideout had a roof, flags, and a guard.
  • The Breeeze was made by Courtney. This villain hideout had an elephant trunk, a watering can for the villains plants, a satellite dish for an umbrella, and a pet spider.
  • Villain Boat was created by Khole. This villain hideout had a portal and an event-able excite-a-boat. 
  • Something was created by Teja. It is so secret, that we only know it does.....something!
  • Hero Base was created by David. This hideout includes an archer, a launcher, guards with swords, gold, and a boss.
  • DC Villain Hideout was created by Kavin. This hideout has a flag, an eye that scans everyone who enters, a lava pool that you have to wear a red mask so you can swim in, a secret watch parrot, and an octopus for a pet. 

Did you finish watching Captain Marvel and want more? Check out these comics that feature the characters and storylines that inspired the movie. 

The movie was mostly based on this run of Carol Danvers. Start reading here with volume one.

Captain Marvel. 2, Stay fly by Kelly Sue DeConnick

If you want to see more of Goose, Captain Marvel's "cat", be sure to read this volume of Captain Marvel. 

This month, Lego engineers were challenged to build a machine that would make their favorite food. Their machine had to solve the following problems;

  • Storage: how does your machine hold the ingredients?
  • Creation: how does your machine make your favorite food?
  • Delivery: how does your machine give the food to hungry people.

Looking for books to read with your child for Black History Month? Here are just a few of our books we have about African American history and African American biographies. 

Dream big, little one by Vashti Harrison

Tired of going to the gym? Gamify your workout with one of our exercise video games! These fun games help you get in shape on YOUR time in the comfort of YOUR own home. Also you can use our Spark Your Year packet to set goals and stay motivated. 

For this month, Lego engineers were challenged to build a Winter Wonderland Vehicle.

The requirements were;

  • Movement: how will your vehicle move through large amounts of snow?
  • Comfort: how does your vehicle keep you safe and warm?
  • Style: what makes your vehicle unique, cool, and awesome?

With 2018 coming to a close, the best video games were chosen at the Game Awards. Did your favorite make the list?

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Action/Adventure Game
  • Best Game Direction